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Wanetta "Queen Lexii" Rodney

is a modern/abstract artist from Syracuse, NY. At a young age Wanetta displayed her artistic talents in school, entering art contest and taking advanced leveled art courses. During her undergraduate career at the University at Albany she minored in Art with a focus on Photography and Art History.

After being on hiatus from the world of art for a few years, Wanetta picked up a paint brush and continued her artistic journey in light of the Pandemic as she found herself struggling to cope with her mental health during this difficult time of isolation. In 2020 Wanetta released her first collection called, Queen Lexii "The Original Collection".


Due to the overwhelming demand and success of "The Original Collection", Wanetta created Queen Lexii "In My Mind: A Tribute to Women". "In My Mind" is made of up various modern/abstract paintings using mixed media (Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Multi-Purpose Surface Paint, Modeling Paste, Crackle & More). Today, Wanetta's art collections has been expanded into Home Decor, Journals, Fashion Accessories, Unique Gifts & more where each item is an exclusive collector's item is derived from her paintings within the "Original Collection" and "In My Mind".


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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

                                     -- Marianne Williamson